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Turkish Bath Exfoliating Mitt Washcloth Gloves Pack of 12

What is Kese?

“Kese” is a traditional exfoliating bath glove with a coarse texture that has been used in Turkish baths, or “Hammams”, for several centuries. The exfoliating gloves’ benefits are its ability to both deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin; removing dead and dry skin cells from the surface of the body. 


Who Should Use it?

It's usually suggested for adults but can be applied on kids (age of 6+) under adult supervision.


How to exfoliate with Turkish Bath Mitts / Gloves / Keses?

  1. You need to use your exfoliating glove (mitt) at the end of your shower or bath. Ideally draw a hot bath for yourself but if pushed for time a shower will do. The exfoliating mitt will be most effective if you stay in the bath/shower for 10-15  minutes or after you swim or use steam/sauna room because your skin will be softer and more receptive.
  2. The exfoliating glove should be applied on its own after soap or any other bath products have been rinsed away.
  3. Wet your mitt and wring it. Apply it with long strokes and side to side movements.
  4. You will probably start seeing some brown/grey dead skin with dirt coming off your skin at some stage. This is natural and more likely to happen if your skin has been under the sun or if it is dry and if you have some accumulated dirt on your skin. Don’t wash this dead skin off until you finish exfoliating all your body because it will actually help to remove more dead skin. Again, remember to be gentle at first, until you understand how the mitt works and how your skin reacts to it.
  5. It is normal for skin to get a little pinkish after use but overuse on the same area can cause irritation. Stop using it if you feel uncomfortable or it causes you pain. This means you have applied too much pressure.
  6. Finish by rinsing your body with lukewarm water to close your deeply cleansed pores.
  7. Feel how smooth and soft your skin is and how fresh and clean you feel!!!


How to Care


  • Wash it with  hot water by hand and rinse well before the first use. Your mitt will shrink a little bit and this is expected.
  • After use, wash the mitt with soap by hand and hang it to dry naturally. Replace your bath mitt as and when required.